The platform for communicating new ideas arising from topics to do with the Alps, technology and architecture. Looking at things from unusual angles generates unusual ideas. Architects who are active at an international level and experts from different disciplines discuss the status quo in research and society and develop new methods and models for dealing with architecture in the Alps.

South Tyrol, set in the middle between the Eastern and Western Alps, links the Alpine with the Mediterranean, spontaneity with solidity, nature with culture. This region with its rich diversity creates the ideal framework in which to consider the Alps as an extreme living space, architecture as a designed living and working environment, and future-orientated technologies.

alpitecture is a mingling of the English words Alps, technologies and architecture. This artificial word emphasises the interconnection between the three topics in order to produce synergies in common.

alpitecture is promoted by ap35 and launched by the EOS – Export Organisation Südtirol -Export Organisation of South Tyrol – belonging to the Bozen Chamber of Commerce – and is sponsored by companies in South Tyrol.

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Hitthaler Einweckglas

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Franzensfeste Arch Scherer

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Harpf Keller